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Choosing a Lens Color for Your Swim Goggles

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Considering there are six different styles of lens color, we get a lot of questions about which color to purchase.  Here is a quick layout, courtesy of Aqua Sphere, as to what color is best for what situation:

Polarized Goggle Lens


Filters light and blocks glare from reflective surfaces, increasing contrast for sharper vision.

Environment: Outdoor/Sunny

Mirrored Goggle Lens


Superior protection with maximum light reflection away from the eyes.

Environment: Outdoor/Sunny

Smoke Goggle Lens


Significantly reduces light transmission to the eyes.

Environment: Outdoor/Sunny

Amber Goggle Lens


Amplifies low light and reduces glare in bright light situations for clearer vision.

Environment: All conditions

Blue Goggle Lens


Perfect for morning or evening swims where moderate glare protection is needed.

Environment: Indoor/Outdoor, moderate light

Clear Goggle Lens


Ideal for indoor, low light, or overcast conditions where maximum visibility is required.

Environment: Indoor/Low light